Safi Ideas is a unique and innovative hub for ethical creativity and new business ideas

We want to disrupt the existing way in which business is usually done. At our core we believe that businesses can and should be run for the benefit of the many and not for the few, we need ethical creativity and business ideas.

Safi means ‘Pure’ in Arabic, typifying our approach to the way we work and our values. The businesses we want to work with will be both profitable and ethical for stakeholders and customers alike.

The key to our differentiation we work with you by taking your visions, and ideas and leveraging your expertise to achieve your goals by keeping in mind, ethics and social responsibility.

These are your ideas that we help and bring to reality, by challenging you and searching deeper to find the answers. We offer total hands-on support and work with a highly interactive approach to find the best ways of moving ahead by us working as one.