We ensure honesty and fairness in our actions as a Sharia compliant company. Which means being ethical in all of our dealings no matter who we are working with is at the heart of what we do as well as why we do it.

Our goal is to develop excellent products and services for our users and customers globally. What’s more the products we want to develop will be for the benefit of everyone, as well as the planet itself because sustainability is key to creating an excellent product today.

Innovation is at the core of success. Not only are we attempting to radically alter the way that business is traditionally done, but we want the products we are developing to do the same thing. There’s always room for improvement. Be unique, do something different, do something the right way.

There is never a time to stop learning is key to what we do. We believe that every business would benefit from our growth development programme. We incubate companies, identify their weak spots, help them to develop and then set them on the path to success. We have worked with business, which are now thriving all over the world. Our significant experience means that we can accommodate both new ventures as well as established start-ups.

At our core is our belief that the injustice and corruption that so often happens in the world is unnecessary. In order to make huge profits, you do not have to sacrifice moral values. There is always a way for everyone to profit. We just need to think big and think SAFI (pure).

Today huge numbers of people are aware of the injustice in society, particularly in the world of business. After many years of corporate giants hitting the press for corruption, tax evasion and avoidance, data privacy breaches, sexism and nepotism, loyalty towards many huge corporations is at an all-time low. Recognising that these occurrences are a problem is one step in the right direction. SAFI Ideas wants to go further. We represent the next generation of businesses and organizations who are highly conscious of their role in society and want to prioritise treating customers, and indeed the planet, with the respect they deserve.

The critical question is how to grow your business ethically. There are many ways. You may want a business development strategy with new growth ideas e.g. new product development, or to find a new market for which you need a market entry strategy.

We help develop products to tackle real world problems in health, finance, social media, entertainment, insurance and technology. Not only do we want to insure that the businesses we work with share our values, but that the way that we work with them is also ethical. Ethical product development is crucial to the way that SAFI works. We act as a platform for creating business in order to help good ideas transform into real and thriving businesses.

SAFI Ideas is an incubator of businesses with integrity. We are an ethical product developer with a strong determination to be a globally successful business development platform. Founded by a group of entrepreneurs and business professionals with strong principles about working for the benefit of all mankind, as well as the world itself, SAFI is building the next generation of sustainable, principled businesses. We are at the front of the revolution to disrupt the way business is usually done. The profits should go to the many, not the few at the top of the ladder. SAFI Ideas is an ethical company, so we always put the customers first.

In addition to having high humanitarian beliefs, we also want to be the first word in business development excellence. We know that launching a new product in an increasingly competitive environment is a tough task because of the amount of competition out there today from existing major multi-billion dollar companies. Our incubation company makes big changes in such situations by providing not only a sensible infrastructure for you startup but also access to global influencers who will help you to compete successfully against the competition.

The success of SAFI Ideas is based on our devotion to providing quality and excellence in everything we do. Therefore, we hold our team accountable for honouring our core values and principles. We are determined that everyone who works with us and for us should share our views of the world and that we should be united in wanting to bring about huge changes. We want to make the world a better place, not tomorrow, but today.