Animated television programme that builds traditional values and morals of children through stories of care compassion, tolerance and other such qualities. The programmes are being made for pre school kids.

Zero Deposit Zero Interest

Affordable homeownership is recognized globally as a major factor in stimulating the circular economy. In 2021, predicted a national housing deficit of about two million housing units in each country, according to statistical service reports.

Rising property prices and higher deposits make it even more difficult than usual to get people on the property ladder. But people can afford rental payments and continue to rent and miss out totally on the appreciation of the property, in fact after years of insecure renting you have nothing to show zero!

This is what makes the Zero Deposit Zero Interest Home Purchase Plan a great option – it is a unique opportunity for potential homeowners who want to buy a property, who can afford regular monthly payments, but do not have money for a deposit. You can stop paying rent by using the ZZ Home Purchase Plan and begin to benefit from rising property prices instead.

The ZZ Home Purchase Plan is in accordance with the government’s goal of providing housing to all sections of society, as it provides homebuyers with interest-free loans. Homebuyers will also not be required to provide any additional collateral to the lenders because the complete loan value will be provided without any deposit. The developers will also be provided with interest-free loans without any deposits.

A team is developing a number of social media app that protect the user and make it secure for kids to use. It allows families to keep secure and monitor the use by children.

The social housing market is growing in demand and scope and the sector has had successes and failures. This concept aims to create a new model and of community based housing and a new route to ethical funding.

Creation of a new international charity that focus on the training orphans to be skilled in vocational skill sets, such a electrical, plumbing etc. Traditional academic education is failing the masses in the 3rd world. The charity aims to help young people become self reliant.