Animated television programme that builds traditional values and morals of children through stories of care compassion, tolerance and other such qualities. The programmes are being made for pre school kids.

The interest based mortgage market is a burden upon many people. The group is developing a pure Islamic home loan product, which is not based on libor, or such interest based indices, and other unique benefits.

A team is developing a number of social media app that protect the user and make it secure for kids to use. It allows families to keep secure and monitor the use by children.

The social housing market is growing in demand and scope and the sector has had successes and failures. This concept aims to create a new model and of community based housing and a new route to ethical funding.

Creation of a new international charity that focus on the training orphans to be skilled in vocational skill sets, such a electrical, plumbing etc. Traditional academic education is failing the masses in the 3rd world. The charity aims to help young people become self reliant.