SAFI Ideas is an incubator of businesses with integrity. We are an ethical product developer with a strong determination to be a globally successful business development platform. Founded by a group of entrepreneurs and business professionals with strong principles about working for the benefit of all mankind, as well as the world itself, SAFI is building the next generation of sustainable, principled businesses. We are at the front of the revolution to disrupt the way business is usually done. The profits should go to the many, not the few at the top of the ladder. SAFI Ideas is an ethical company, so we always put the customers first.

In addition to having high humanitarian beliefs, we also want to be the first word in business development excellence. We know that launching a new product in an increasingly competitive environment is a tough task because of the amount of competition out there today from existing major multi-billion dollar companies. Our incubation company makes big changes in such situations by providing not only a sensible infrastructure for you startup but also access to global influencers who will help you to compete successfully against the competition.

The success of SAFI Ideas is based on our devotion to providing quality and excellence in everything we do. Therefore, we hold our team accountable for honouring our core values and principles. We are determined that everyone who works with us and for us should share our views of the world and that we should be united in wanting to bring about huge changes. We want to make the world a better place, not tomorrow, but today.