Zayn & Zayna’s Little Farm

Produced By: Safi Productions, an ethical and disruptive innovation incubation company based in London. Wa’qaar A Mirza is creator and director, Henry Becket is executive producer. Illustrated by Pablo Breh. Mirza, David Garbett and Hina Chaudri are co-writers.
Partner Potential: Thirty-four culturally diverse creatives come together to create this warm and charming animated adaptation. Safi Productions is seeking children’s broadcasters as partners on the show.
Description: An animated series that follows the exciting adventures of a sibling duo on their family farm. Engaging edutainment that introduces children to mindfulness, sustainability and diversity. Each episode is 11 minutes long, with three completed and a fourth in production. Target demo is preschoolers 3 to 6.
Pitch Perfect: Developed by a team of children’s entertainment experts from around the world, Zayn & Zayna’s Little Farm offers top-quality production with culturally diverse rich content, unique curated percussion music and a 360-degree product offering, including an Android and iOS app, a range of merchandise including books and an e-learning module. Currently proving popular in prerelease on YouTube, the channel has a growing fan base of 125,000 subscribers and 350,000 views, offering wholesome creative entertainment around mindfulness and environmental awareness.


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